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What is Harm Reduction?

While there are no universal definitions, harm reduction is a movement based on a set of principles that inform policies, programs, and practices that aim to reduce harms associated with drug use, drug policies, and drug laws. 


Stigma attached to substance use suggest that illicit drugs are inherently harmful and that the use of drugs in and of itself is the main cause of harm for people who use them. Harm reduction aims to educate and inform that the main causes of drug-related harms are toxic supply (Fentanyl), prohibition, criminalization, as well as social and systemic factors which marginalize and stigmatize people who use drugs.

We who support harm reduction work to advocate for the safety of people who use substances and provide programs that do not rely on 100% abstinence. We recognize that there is a spectrum of support needed for these community members and work to ensure that their needs are met to the best of our ability.

How you can Help


The illicit drug-poisoning crisis is a complicated yet urgent situation with no easy solution. The stigmas attached to substance use perpetuate shame and this leads to people feeling unconnected and using in private which can be fatal. 


Contact local officials to advocate for policies, strategies, and services, which aim to assist people who use legal and illegal drugs to live safer and healthier lives. Host dialogues and help us educate others while supporting us in providing low-barrier resources to those who need them. Create calls to action for safe supply and other

life-saving approaches. 


It takes many hands and hearts to carry out this work. Contact MOCAT to learn about local  projects and resources in the community to see how you can support

our efforts. Take the online Naloxone training and keep a kit with you. Take a training from MOCAT Peers at our community Pop Ups.


Use social media and email to stay in touch with us and the work we are doing. Be sure to follow us at the links below and share, share share! We appreciate you introducing others to our efforts and the work of everyone in harm reduction.

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