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Peer-Led Projects

What are Peer-Led Projects?

Peers, people with lived and living experience of substance use, have been at the frontlines of the  drug poisoning epidemic. More than ever, peers are stepping up to save lives and support their communities.


MOCAT strives to provide equitable support and empower them to lead and continue their vital work.  We believe that peer leadership is an essential practice for overdose and drug poisoning prevention and response.  


Mission Farmer's Market

In 2020, MOCAT partnered with the Mission City Farmer's Market and established a working group of People With Lived/Living Experience to assist the MCFM address the COVID-19 guidelines.


Peers ran hand sanitization stations, and promoted adherence to COVID-19 guidelines including hygiene, and social distancing guidelines at the market. Peer training, support, and honoraria were provided by the MOCAT.

Over the course of the last four years the project has grown and our Peer Team run our Education Pop-Ups at both the MCFM and Deroche Farmers Market.  They provide information and resources, offer Take Home Naloxone Training and help to reduce stigma by building community relationships and better understanding of the toxic drug epidemic.


Working in partnership with In-Phase Clinic, peers were invited to participate in a community garden, sharing in planting, weeding, watering, and general maintenance. Peers received honoraria for their work, as well as a share in the harvest.

Safety, Advocacy, Friendship, Experience, Education

Mission Statement

SAFE MISSION aims to unite Mission citizens who 
use/have used substances to:

  • Advocate for ourselves and each other building a network of support.

  • Share our knowledge and experience to dismantle stigma, systemic barriers, and criminalization.

  • Promote harm reduction and educate the community

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